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This is my little collection of TR1143 parts. The TR1143 was a British transmitter / receiver used for airplanes and ground stations during WW2. The frequency range is 100..124 MHz. Output power of the transmitter is some 10 Watts using 2x TT11 (VT501).

Transmitter Type 46, Serial 44107
This transmitter seems to be converter by a radio amateur for use at 2m.
Receiver Type 71, Serial 36435
This receiver was probably used for spareparts. There is not much left except for some tube bases and mf filters.
Transmitter Type 50, Serial 2068
This transmitter is still rather complete. It could be restored to operate again.
Receiver Type 71, Serial 37687
This receiver was converter for FM reception. The last mf filter coil was modified and an extra base for a 6H6 is fitted. The modifications are not very neatly done. I would be surprized if this has ever worked as FM receifer.
Receiver Type 68, Serial 41688
This receiver misses some components and could be restored to operate. It looks like it was originally equipped with 8 crystals in stead of the usual 4.

Here is the circuit of the transmitter as I drew it: Type 50 circuit diagram
Documentation (2,424,525 bytes) (nl) Thanks to Jan van de Riet.
Type50 transmitter circuit (176,294 bytes) Thanks to Jan van de Riet.
Type71 receiver circuit (193,714 bytes) Thanks to Jan van de Riet.
From Victor Johnston I received this circuit diagram.

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Thanks for information about these instruments to
Louis Meulstee - Wireless for the Warrior. The history of British Army Radio
ac6v - Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide
Richard Hankins
Andy Jackson
Ray Robinson - Rays_home
Richard Castle
Nico van Dongen
Jan van de Riet
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